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The Fall Product Program is a friends-and-family sale that helps troops earn start-up money and provides an important ingredient for early leadership skills. Participation in the Fall Product Program is also a great set-up for the largest girl-led business in the world - The Girl Scout Cookie Sale!

GSCCC Contact: Michele Lofte, Product Sales Director

800-822-2427 x9772

Product Delivery & Sales

 Products will be delivered to our service unit the second weekend in November, between November 8th and 10th, during which time each troop will pick up their total troop order, sort them by Girl Scout, and disperse them to their girls to deliver. 

        When Girl Scouts return to their customers with the items they ordered, they collect payment AT DELIVERY.
The only time payments can be collected prior to the delivery date is for Care to Share orders, which are entered online.

Payment can be made in cash or check or Square/Electronic payment IF your troop chooses to collect in non-cash form. That decision is left up to each troop. Just remember that any check written to the troop account that bounces incurs a $35 fee, which could seriously impact the troop, so be careful when accepting checks. It is recommended that all checks have a drivers license number noted, phone number, and Scouts name listed on the check's note line so it can be traced back to their order form should difficulties arise. Rule of thumb, if your gut is telling you to not accept a check, listen to it! It is better to lose the potential sale than incur the cost of the fee. Products left over can always be resold to another Scout looking for extras.

Product Sales Ethics

Please remember, taking pre-sale orders is against the Girl Scout Law on Being Honest and Fair. You may promote on your personal media pages that Nut & Magazine Sales is starting on but no ordering or collection of payment should be done prior to that date. Promoting on online sales groups or neighborhood pages/groups, Craigslist, eBay, or any other media platform aimed towards the general public is NOT allowed at any time during product sales, as that is against Girl Scout policy. Booths can be scheduled with private businesses after products are delivered, but permission must be obtained in advance. Please keep it fair for all the girls, they look to us as their example. ​