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MiCaSa Girl Scouts

of the Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast

Service Unit Cookie Chair

Jennifer Woods

Service Unit Cookie Cupboard

Michelle Kienitz

GSCCC Product Sales Director

Michele Lofte

[email protected]

1-800-822-2427 x9772

The cupboard will be available for troops to pick up additional cookies to help re-stock their inventories through out the season.

​In order to pick up cookies from the service unit cupboard, the following must be done:

​1) submit a planned order with the abcsmartcookie website each Sunday 11:59 pm each week.

**To submit a planned order:

Log in to website:

Click on Orders tab --> Planned Order

Select cupboard date --> add your order, review and save

Please note: planned order will always take priority over drop-ins and unplanned orders.

2) Each troop must consistently add bank deposits via the cookie website. This is to help service unit see if troops are consistent with making monetary deposits to their troop accounts. This will also help us address any issues in advance. At each cupboard, each troop must check in with the service unit cookie chair to review all troop deposits.

If it is determined that a troop is in good standing, they will be cleared to pick up their planned orders.

Any troops that have zero deposits logged into the cookie website or show that minimal deposits are on file (less than the required 30%) , service unit will not release any planned orders until it has determined that deposits have been made.

**Adding a bank deposit onto the cookie site:

Log in to website:

Click on Finances --> Financial Transactions

Click on Girl Transactions --> Add Girl Transactions

Input all required information for each scout and click save.

We understand that we all have busy schedules- if you find yourself not having time to add your deposits into the system, no need to worry, just bring in your deposit slips to the cupboard and we will provide the opportunity to add them on site.​

Cookie Booth Etiquette & Guidelines


  • 2 adults (GS registered members, active background check on file, 1 must be stepping out certified) and 2 scouts are required at all Troop booths. No more than 4 girls at a time.
  • Inspect your area before setting up for strangers, dangerous materials, etc. Notify store manager if an unsafe area is found.
  • Do not give out any personal information: name, address, phone #
  • CLOSED toed shoes

Booth Do's

Know your booth location and scheduled time

Prepare for weather

Girls make all the sales, not the adults.

Adult should secure all the money

Know where the nearest restroom is located- Use the buddy system.

Wear your uniform or GS attire

Say thank you to store/location representative

Stay only for the time reserved for your booth

Booth Don'ts

Do NOT ask for your store location to provide change

Block entrances or doorways

Take friends/siblings to help in the sale- absolutely no small children.

Eat or chew gum while speaking to customers

Ask when customer are going into the store- only ask on their way out

Have any food other than cookies at the table

Do not accept bills larger than $20

Litter- take empty cases with you. Leave the place better than you found it!

2020 Cookie Line Up

Cookies are $5 per box.

This year's options on troop proceeds are:

Level 1: $0.88

Level 2: $0.93

Level 3: $0.98

Level 4: $1.03

See page 25 of the troop cookie chair manual for details. 

2020 GSCCC Cookie Sale Recognition

Super Seller, 1000 Club & Cookie Share Recognition's title.

Important Dates:

Cookie Sale Begins: January 26

​Cookie Booths start date: February 1

ACH Withdrawls

February 13 ($1 from Initial Order)

February 27 ($2 from Initial Order and Transfers up to 2/18)

March 19 ( Final Balance- total remaining balance)

​Cookie sale Ends: March 19

​Uncollected Money Report Deadline: March 30