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MiCaSa Girl Scouts

of the Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast

" Scouting rises within you,

and inspires you to put forth your best."

Juliette Gordon Low

Top Honors for Girl Scouts

MiCaSa Gold Awards!

Katelyn Kienitz- Little Scorps Library

Katelyn began looking for a project for her Gold Award, she said many kids like those in the program would spend their time playing on their parents’ phones and tablets instead of learning.

“I really like reading a lot, but I noticed a lot of kids haven’t been reading a lot these days,” Katelyn said. “I thought maybe if our preschool had a library, maybe some of them would enjoy reading in the future.” Katelyn teamed up with Lange and librarian Heidi Resnik to put together a library for the preschoolers inside the Camarillo High library. Youth Service America and Disney awarded Katelyn’s project a $500 Disney Be Inspired Grant, which she used to buy books, paint, supplies and cushions for kids to sit on. “It’s a great opportunity for the little ones to learn library etiquette being as little as they are. I am happy we can hold on to much-needed etiquette and read a book.”

Kirsten Dornbos- Animal Expo

The goal of Kristen’s project was to bring awareness to the community on a variety of animal-related topics. She set up a series of educational and informative booths at the Camarillo Animal Shelter. Kirsten organized activities and prizes for young children, but her main goal was “to inform people about pets and all the responsibilities that come with them.” 

For more information about working toward your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, click here.

More Honors for Girl Scouts

Teen Mentoring Awards

These are awards reserved for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors who work with younger Girl Scouts. This is a wonderful way to keep your younger Girl Scout inspired, as well as keeping older Girl Scouts engaged.

To learn more about Teen Mentoring Awards and their requirements, click here.

President's Volunteer Service Award Details

(Click on the image to view the page)

Contact Michelle Kienitz for more information or go to the "Current Troop Leaders" tab

to access the Google Docs Page with this document and more.

Top Honors for Adults

As a dedicated volunteer, you and fellow adults who work with the Girl Scouts are eligible to receive awards as well!

•Outstanding Leader Award

•Outstanding Volunteer Award

•Leadership Development Pin

•Community Award

•Years of Service Pins (5-year intervals)

•Membership Numeral Guards (5-year intervals)

Special Service Unit Awards:

•Green Angel’s Pin + Certificate

•Service from the Heart

•Above and Beyond

Please fill out this form and submit it by your Service Unit deadline.

Honor Troops

This is too rare of an honor, but troops who are committed to service projects should easily qualify for this esteemed status. Learn more here.

President's Volunteer Service Award

(Click on image to expand)

Steps to entering your Volunteer Hours

  1. Go to the Presidential Service Awards website to register.
  2. Choose the Level of Focus.
  3. Answer all questions and then click “SUBMIT APPLICATION”
  4. Before entering your hours, enter the GSCCC PVSA award KEY # by clicking on “My Profile”
  5. Record of service Key” Click “EDIT” and enter APV-6328 that is the GSCCC code.
  6. Hit “SAVE”
  7. Now, when you select My Service & “Add Activity”, you can start entering your service hours.
  8. Make sure to “SAVE” and continue to do that until all your service hours have been entered.